Comments from Voters

Over the years, I have seen Keith Ingram’s willingness to help deserving people in any way he can. He is an honest, humble, family oriented man. Much of Keith’s good work goes unnoticed because he cares about solving problems, not about self-promotion. We need more leaders like Keith.”

– Peggy L. Walker


My name is Lorenzo Parker, Director of Parks and Recreation in West Memphis. One of our best community assets is Tilden Rogers Sports Complex. Many people visit often enjoy play sports, have picnics and use the mile long walking trail. Our lake, however, has seen better times, but there was no budget for needed repairs. State Representative Keith Ingram wanted to help. He located a grant so we can stabilize the banks and stop erosion. We applied and were approved. With Keith’s help, we will save a number of trees on the damaged part of the walking trail. Keith Ingram is a good public servant.”

– Lorenzo Parker


Nearly everyone has had to deal with “Government Red Tape” and it is usually frustrating. You try to get a problem solved and the more you try, the more frequently you hear “NO, we cannot help because . . . ” I had a drivers’ license renewal problem due to miscommunication years ago between Arkansas and another state. I asked State Representative Keith Ingram if he could help. He got everything straightened out right away. That’s genuine public service.”

– William L. King


Keith Ingram has been of tremendous assistance to medical care facilities and professionals in Crittenden County. His leadership and insight into healthcare challenges has been extremely helpful as we adapt to new healthcare reform and the  changes it brings. Keith is intensely focused on what is good for the patient. His  involvement as co-sponsor of the groundbreaking legislation known as the trauma bill resulted in the launching and expansion of the statewide trauma system. Keith Ingram is the best friend that the patient in need has ever had.”

– James P. DeRossitt, M.D.