Audio – Senator Keith Ingram Reporting News From 92nd General Assembly
March 28th, 2019 • News

March 28, 2019

  • From the beautiful and busy hallways of your historic state Capitol, this is Senator Keith Ingram.
  • In every regular session, the legislature can refer up to three proposed constitutional amendments to Arkansas voters.
  • The measures we propose this year will be on the November general election ballot next year, in 2020.
  • We’ve already decided on one measure. It would permanently extend the half-cent sales currently being levied for highway projects.
  • The current half-cent sales tax is scheduled to expire in 2023, but if Arkansas voters approve an extension next November, it will stay in place and generate $294 million a year in funding for highways and bridges.
  • The Senate this week voted to refer a second amendment. If voters approve, the limit for legislators would be 12 years.
  • The limit is now 16 years, and current legislators would be grandfathered in, meaning current they could stay in office until they have 16 years of service. But anyone elected in 2021 would be limited to 12 years.
  • Our current term limits amendment is a lifetime limit. Once they have been in office for 16 years, legislators cannot serve again in the legislature.
  • The Senate proposal would be different, in that it would apply to consecutive service. Legislators who serve 12 years would have to resign, but after four years out of office they could run again.
  • The Senate has approved the proposal, but in order to be on next year’s ballot, the House of Representatives must also agree.
  • The House and Senate still have to decide on a third proposal, but that is not absolutely necessary. There have been regular sessions when we only referred only two proposed amendments.
  • From the Capitol, it is always my greatest honor and most sincere privilege to serve you as your state Senator. This is Keith Ingram.
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