Audio – Senator Keith Ingram Reporting News From 91st General Assembly
November 2nd, 2018 • News

November 2, 2018

Election day will finally be here on Tuesday, and I urge all one of you to vote. Your right to vote is precious, now more than ever.

This year new photo ID laws will be in effect, so be sure to bring your driver’s license or some other form of government-issued photo ID when you go to the polls.

It can be a student ID if you’re a college student. Concealed carry permits and passports are good, and if you have a public assistance care with your name and photo on it, you can use that.
We finally know for certain which ballot issues will be decided. Issue One has been stricken. You will see it on your ballot, but any votes won’t be counted.

Issue Two has been upheld. It will put in the Constitution the photo ID requirements that I talked about. Issue Three has been stricken, so even though you see it on your ballot, votes won’t be counted.
Issue Four has been upheld. It’s the measure to authorize four casinos. One would be adjacent to the Southland dog racing track in West Memphis and one would be adjacent to the Oaklawn horse racing track in Hot Springs. The two others would be near Pine Bluff and near Russellville.

Issue Five has been upheld. It will phase in an increase in the minimum wage, from the current $8.50 an hour to $9.25 an hour in 2019, and then to $10 an hour in 2020. Finally, it would go up to $11 an hour in 2021.
I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to vote. Traditionally, when voter turnout is high, the better candidates win.

Shamefully, there are shadowy groups trying to keep people from voting. They spread misinformation and they pay huge amounts of money for negative ads that are just plain dishonest. They support stricter rules and regulations to make it difficult to register.

But remember, if voting weren’t so important, they wouldn’t try so hard to keep you from exercising your right to vote.

In summary, these three issues will be on the ballot. A photo ID requirement to vote, a measure to legalize four gambling casinos and an increase in the minimum wage.

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