Audio – Senator Keith Ingram Reporting News From 91st General Assembly
July 27th, 2018 • News

July 27th, 2018

  • As hot as it is, I am glad to share some wonderful news.
  • In a major economic development announcement, state and local officials joined executives from the private sector to report that an 1,800 acre site in Crittenden County is going through the process of being certified as a mega site.
  • The city of Marion, the city of West Memphis and the Crittenden County Quorum Court have all adopted resolutions in support of the designation. Elected officials from all three jurisdictions have spent hours working together on this project, putting aside any local differences in pursuit of a common goal.
  • In this case, the goal is development of a tract of land with the potential to attract a super project that will bring hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of secure and well paid jobs to the delta of eastern Arkansas.
  • Our economic development team will be able to promote the natural advantages of the area. In this case, the advantage is excellent transportation access by highway, railway or water.
  • Entergy has invested heavily in making this project a success, so the availability of cheap power is another advantage.
  • Infrastructure isn’t our only advantage. The Arkansas Economic Development Commission is a partner in the project, and that means we can offer job training and tax incentives to potential superprojects.
  • There are a lot of people who deserve credit for the success of this venture. The mayors and city officials of Marion and West Memphis, as well as the county judge and members of the Quorum Court of Crittenden County.
  • Mike Preston of the AEDC and his team have provided great support. Finally, I want to thank Phillip Sorrell and Malory Darby, the economic development team for the city of West Memphis.
  • Working together, they have demonstrated the effectiveness of teamwork. That makes all of us winners.
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