Audio – Senator Keith Ingram Reporting News From 91st General Assembly
July 27th, 2017 • News

July 27, 2017- Senator Keith Ingram audio report of news from the 91st General Assembly.

  • Hard to believe, but next weekend marks the annual sales tax holiday in Arkansas. It’s commonly known as the Back to School tax holiday, because the legislature intentionally scheduled it so that parents would get a break when buying clothes and school supplies for the upcoming school year.
  • But don’t let that keep you from taking advantage of the reprieve on sales taxes. It’s not just for parents of school-aged kids. It’s for everybody and anybody. Retailers will not collect either the state sales tax or any local sales taxes on clothes and school supplies on Saturday, August 5, and Sunday, August 6.
  • Any article of clothing that costs less than $100 will be exempt from sales taxes. The acceptable definition of clothing is fairly broad, and includes footwear, uniforms, wedding dresses, neckties, gloves, steel-toed boots, bathing suits, sandals and scarves.
  • Keep in mind that accessories that are worn in conjunction with clothing will be exempt, as long as they cost less than $50. These items include cosmetics, umbrellas, wallets, wigs and hairpieces, jewelry and handbags. Items of clothing that cost more than $100 are not exempt from the sales tax. Items costing less than $100 are exempt, even if you buy several items which, when added up cost more than $100.
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