Audio – Senator Keith Ingram Reporting News From 91st General Assembly
May 25th, 2017 • News

May 25, 2017- Senator Keith Ingram audio report of news from the 91st General Assembly.

  • This is the time of year when it seems as if every family is getting ready for a graduation or an awards ceremony. As we congratulate our students on their academic success, it’s a good time to remember some of the progress our high schools and colleges have made in preparing those students. I’m referring specifically to the dramatic increase in the number of technology and computer coding classes now being offered at the secondary and post-secondary level.
  • Last week I congratulated our city and county officials and the economic development team that successfully landed the new textile mill in Forrest City. The Shandong Ruyi Technology Group will invest $410 million and hire 800 people, and it will purchase 200,000 tons of Arkansas-grown cotton every year.
  • It took a whole lot more than a smile and a firm handshake in order for our economic development team to recruit that plant. They needed something substantive to offer, and that was the promise of a work force that can handle the challenges of modern technology.
  • About a week after the news broke about the textile mill at Forrest City, the director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and the governor appeared at a conference in Pine Bluff that focused on the economic viability of east Arkansas and the Delta. They announced that the state Education Department was offering $400,000 in stipends to help 200 additional teachers get certified in computer science.
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