Audio – Senator Keith Ingram Reporting News From 91st General Assembly
January 19th, 2017 • News

January 19, 2017– Senator Keith Ingram audio report of news from the 91st General Assembly.

In this week’s report:

  • The General Assembly has passed legislation to push back the effective date of the medical marijuana amendment by 60 days. Public health officials and the newly created Medical Marijuana Commission need more time to set up a system of secure cultivation facilities and retail outlets for patients.
  • The Senate Committee on Revenue and Taxation gave a favorable recommendation to a bill that would lower personal income taxes for about 657,000 lower-income taxpayers in Arkansas.
  • About 120,000 Arkansas taxpayers will not have to pay any state income taxes at all, if their yearly income is below $4,300 a year.
  • Arkansas families will save more than $50 million a year when the tax cuts take full effect, beginning in 2019.
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