More Jobs, Better Jobs

Keith Ingram believes with hard work and the right policies, we can create new jobs and bring hope and opportunity back to the Delta again.

As a businessman, mayor and a state legislator, Keith has worked to create new jobs and to grow our economy.  He feels it is important to bring communities together to attract good jobs that keep our young people at home and east Arkansas strong.

With our country facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, Keith understands that it is more important than ever to get people back to work and to protect the jobs that we have.

Keith took the lead in creating and sponsoring the Keep Arkansas Competitive Act, which encourages economic development so more good-paying jobs would be available in the Delta.

Keith has been actively involved in many regional economic development projects such as:

  • Expansion and improvements for our local airports with industry-leading technology upgrades
  • Port expansion and Mississippi River commerce to help all of East Arkansas
  • Legislation to allow local communities the ability to attract new industries without raising taxes until jobs are guaranteed