Audio – Senator Keith Ingram Reporting News From 90th General Assembly
December 8th, 2016 • News

December 8, 2016 – Senator Keith Ingram audio report of news from the 90th General Assembly.

In this week’s report:

    • Since the filing period began for the upcoming session, lawmakers have introduced 19 bills in the Senate and 31 in the House of Representatives.
    • The first bill filed in the House will generate a lot of publicity. If passed, it would require all new school buses to be equipped with seat belts.
    • I was the lead sponsor of the first six bills filed in the Senate. They would tighten up campaign finance and ethics laws, while providing more transparency and accountability on part of elected officials. I discussed the details of the measures when I introduced them, and I will continue to keep you informed as they proceed through the legislative process.
    • A colleague in the Senate has filed a series of bills that would significantly change Arkansas policies on the placement of juveniles in the foster care system. The bills would remove some of the current restrictions on placing children with relatives. For example, one bill would guarantee that parents have an appointed attorney representing them if they were at risk of losing custody of their children.
    • Another senator filed legislation to enhance criminal penalties against anyone who committed an act of violence against a police officer. The enhanced penalties would also be imposed for offenses against firefighters, emergency medical personnel, and other first responders.
    • Other legislation would affect the state Public Employee Retirement System, which has more than $8 billion in assets and provides pension benefits to more than 33,000 retirees. The bill would prohibit the pension system from investing in a company that boycotts the state of Israel.
    • By the time the legislature completes its business, we will have considered more than 1,000 bills affecting schools, highways, colleges and universities, prisons, health care, taxes, and numerous other issues that affect the daily lives of Arkansans.


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