Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce Joins Opposition to Closure of I-55 Bridge
June 29th, 2015 • News

old bridge
The Arkansas State Chamber has endorsed State Sen. Keith M. Ingram’s online effort to “Keep the ‘Old Bridge’ Open”.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation recently announced plans to close the I-55 bridge for construction and improvements at the interchange of I-55 and Crump Boulevard in Memphis, Tenn.

In an email sent to its membership on Thursday, the Chamber encouraged its members to join Sen. Ingram by forwarding the petition to their business contacts and asking them to sign.

“The I-55 bridge is one of the most important corridors for economic activity not only for West Memphis but for the state of Arkansas. Access to that crossing is vital to many sectors in our economy. From employee travel to work, shipment or delivery of goods for all sorts of retailers and manufacturers. That’s not to mention tourists and the rest of the entire economy. Modernizing the interchange is a worthy project and needs to be accomplished, but in a manner that will minimize the disruption caused by the closure. Interstate cooperation will be vital,” said Randy Zook, President and CEO of the Arkansas State Chamber.

As of Monday morning, Sen. Ingram has gathered support from over 2,200 people from Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi. The petition was created to call attention to economic and safety issues with TDOT’s plan. The ultimate goal, as stated by Sen. Ingram, “… to go back to the drawing board to develop a solution that works best for everyone”.

The petition is available at